Skewed Analytics Attacks

Stop Skewed Analytics with Netacea

Stop harmful data skewing from bot traffic, so that your business can make sound strategic decisions based on accurate data and genuine user behaviour, without the influence of skewed analytics.


Put a Stop to Skewed Analytics with Netacea

  • Detect Bots of All Kinds

    Whatever bots are attempting to do on your site – including data skewing through click fraud - we have a model designed to detect and stop them.

  • Mitigate all Automated Activity

    Once harmful bots are detected, Netacea takes action in an instant. Depending on what the bots are doing and the impact on your site, we’ll challenge, block or notify your teams.

  • Learn for Future Attacks

    Based on our bot mitigation activity, we pass valuable data to your business, keeping you informed of attempted bot activity and enriching your own web log data collection, preventing future data skewing from click fraud.

What are Skewed Analytics?

Skewed analytics are the result of bot traffic interacting with your site, causing data regarding clicks, visits and other interactions to become inaccurate. This could lead to site owners making decisions for their business informed by unreliable data, believing they are influenced by genuine user data.

Why Choose Netacea to Protect you Against Skewed Analytics

If you can't say with confidence what's a bot and what's not, you could be using skewed analytics to make crucial decisions, potentially harming your business. Let Netacea help keep bots at bay using our innovative bot management technology.

  • All in One Protection

  • Cutting Edge Tech

  • Recognized by Leading Analysts

  • Rapid Implementation

All in One Protection

Secure your APIs, websites, and mobile apps with a single product, offering total protection from click fraud and skewed analytics.

Cutting Edge Tech for your Estate

Machine learning models, Active Threat Database and human expertise combine to keep your business ahead of scalpers, prioritize estate uptime, and secure all endpoints. Using this technology, you can dramatically reduce the risk of receiving skewed analytics.

Recognized by Leading Analysts

Forrester recognized our technology in their latest Wave, giving us top marks in the bot detection category – ensuring you’ll always detect and stop evolving skewed analytics threats before they are able to harm your business.

Rapid Implementation

You can be up and running and protected against skewed analytics attacks in as little as an hour, thanks to our raft of pre-configured integrations with leading content delivery networks, applications and platforms.

Why are Skewed Analytics Problematic?

Bot Traffic Causes Cad Business Decisions

Businesses rely on website and mobile traffic data to influence important decisions, such as which regions to focus on. Click fraud bots and data skewing lead these assumptions astray.

Bot Traffic Causes Cad Business Decisions

Promotions Run Based on Skewed Analytics Data

Marketers rely on accurate analytics data to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns and to react accordingly. Bot fraud in digital advertising can cause campaigns to fail, either intentionally or otherwise, so it’s important to detect ad fraud early on and prevent data skewing.

Promotions Run Based on Skewed Analytics Data

Stock Over Provisioned Due to Exaggerated Interest

Scraper or scalper bots can cause skewed analytics, exaggerating the level of interest in certain products or services and making manual or automated systems over-provision stock levels in anticipation of sell-outs. This could cost businesses thousands in wasted stock in serious instances, making ad fraud protection a crucial investment.

Stock Over Provisioned Due to Exaggerated Interest

Ad Budget Wasted by Serving Impression and Clicks to Bots

In the age of automated bids and aggressive ad spend, your business can't afford to waste impressions and clicks on bots instead of potential customers. Stop ad fraud from depleting your budgets by investing in ad fraud detection software.

Ad Budget Wasted by Serving Impression and Clicks to Bots

Learn How Much Bot Attacks Cost your Business

Use our bot calculator to quantify how much automated attacks are costing your business in revenue and infrastructure costs.

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Case Studies of Netacea Protecting Against Skewed Analytics

Find Out More About Skewed Analytics

  • What is Click Fraud?

    Click fraud is a form of bot attack, with click fraud bots instructed to repeatedly click ads, buttons or other hyperlinks on a website to give the illusion that these interactions come from legitimate users. Click fraud is generally carried out on a large scale, involving thousands of false clicks. This leads to skewed analytics, which give website owners a false indication of their site’s performance. The most common example of click fraud is advertising fraud.

  • What is Advertising Fraud?

    Advertising fraud is a form of click fraud which uses bots to affect online ad performance. There are several different forms of ad fraud:

    Click hijacking – Redirecting a click from one ad to another, ‘stealing’ clicks and leading to skewed analytics. If your site is a victim of click hijacking, the perpetrator must have compromised your proxy server, ad publisher or your own computer.

    Fake app installation – ‘Click farms’ often install apps thousands of times using hacking methods, using bots to perform thousands of fake interactions with any in-app advertisements.

    Hidden ads – Adverts being placed in ways that go undetected by authentic users, generally targeting ad networks which pay according to impressions rather than clicks.

    Google ads fraud – Ad publishers using bots to click on ads that they own, falsely generating revenue and leading to skewed analytics.

    These are the most common forms of bot fraud in digital advertising, though click fraud and data skewing methods continue to evolve. With this in mind, it’s crucial that business owners invest in ad fraud protection to stop ad fraud and click fraud bots.

  • How do Click Fraud Bots cause Skewed Analytics?

    Over half of all internet traffic is automated, with much of this automated traffic a result of click fraud bots. If you can’t tell the difference between human and bot activity on your site, you are at risk of using skewed analytics to make critical business decisions, which may have a negative effect on your business.

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