Credential Stuffing Attacks

Put a Stop to Credential Stuffing Attacks

Detect and stop malicious credential stuffing with Netacea's agentless bot attack protection technology. Reduce online bot fraud, identify attacks in real-time and prevent harm to your business and customer experience.


Credential Stuffing Prevention from Netacea

  • Analyze Traffic Intent

    Netacea’s patented Intent Analytics™ technology applies behavioral AI that detects active credential stuffing attacks and malicious intent in real-time, meaning you can rapidly take action to intercept any threat.

  • Real-Time Attack Protection

    When we detect malicious bots, we block them immediately. Our automated solution will either stop bots altogether, serve CAPTCHA, use header injection, or tell you to take action.

  • Always Up To Date Protection

    Netacea active threat database delivers automatic updates for all our customers, ensuring you have the latest playbook to combat current and future credential stuffing attacks, removing manual updates and keeping you ahead of attackers.

What is Credential Stuffing?

Credential stuffing is a term that refers to the attempt to gain unauthorized access to a user account via fraudulent methods, usually by automatically injecting stolen username and password pairs into a website login form.

Why is Credential Stuffing Problematic

By using swathes of personally identifiable information (PII), credential stuffing attacks are targeted, specific, and on the increase, placing your business under pressure to stop them.

Attackers Already Know Credential Stuffing Works

Because many people use the same username and password across services, malicious actors can use credential pairs to brute force their way into your customers' accounts.

Attackers Already Know Credential Stuffing Works

Login Attempts Can be Automated at Scale

Sophisticated bots with advanced defense bypass tools can easily test thousands of credential pairs on your login page each minute. Even a small success rate for the attacker can spell disaster for your customers.

Login Attempts Can be Automated at Scale

Reputational Damages and Outages

Failing to stop large-scale bot attacks like credential stuffing attacks not only damages your brand and its reputation, but it can also increase the likelihood of your mobile, website, and APIs becoming inoperable.

Reputational Damages and Outages

Learn How Much Credential Stuffing Attacks Cost your Business

Use our bot calculator to quantify how much automated attacks are costing your business in revenue and infrastructure costs.

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Find Out More About Credential Stuffing

  • Why is Credential Stuffing Important?

    Credential stuffing has emerged as a major cybersecurity problem across the globe. Credential stuffing attacks are constant because of the frequency of data breaches, the success of phishing, and fast monetization of credentials using automation. This in turn creates a vicious cycle through which organizations suffer intrusions in pursuit of credentials and credential stuffing in pursuit of profits.

  • How Does Credential Stuffing Work?

    Credential stuffing attacks use lists of leaked usernames, and passwords to continually test credential combinations through automation, until they breach a system. Usernames and passwords are easily accessible in mass data dumps consisting of millions of credentials amassed from years of data breaches. Although some of the data is likely to be stale and unusable, there will be plenty of users that have not updated their passwords in a while and whose accounts are open to attack. Once an attacker has successfully accessed one account, each of the consumer’s accounts using same password are vulnerable to exploitation of the PII it contains. In many cases the PII will be sold on or the account itself will be sold.

  • Why do Attackers use Credential Stuffing?

    When a credential stuffing attack is successful, hackers gain access to a user’s account, and enables them to commit fraud. Once an attacker is inside they can monetize compromised accounts because they have access to linked bank accounts, personal data and credit cards that they can use for identity theft.

  • How to Detect Credential Stuffing

    Netacea provides a smarter bot management solution that solves the complex problem of credential stuffing in a scalable, agile, and intelligent way, across websites, mobile apps, and APIs. Our technology monitors all site visits to login paths and analyses them in context relative to each of the visitors to the enterprise estate. The technology automatically learns from the business’s web estate according to the specified priorities and threats it faces.

  • How to Prevent Credential Stuffing

    Our Intent Analytics™ Engine, powered by machine learning, focuses on what the bots are doing and not just how they are doing it, so malicious bots are hunted out and genuine users are always prioritized. We are then able to dynamically assess what constitutes ‘normal’ behavior over time, by path or location within the website. This allows us to build an accurate model in the context of actual behavior, while providing you with the actionable intelligence you need, when you need it, so you’re empowered to make smarter decisions about your traffic.

  • Credential Stuffings vs Brute Force Attacks

    Credential stuffing is similar to a brute force attack, but there are several clear differences:

    • Brute force attacks will try to guess credentials without context, using commonly used password patterns, random strings, and dictionaries of common phrases
    • Brute force attacks succeed if users choose simple, guessable passwords
    • Brute force attacks lack context and data from previous breaches, making their login success rate much lower

    In modern web applications with more basic security measures in place, brute force attacks might fail – but credential stuffing attacks often succeed.

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