Put your customers first by keeping bad bots off your web store

Protect your e website, mobile apps, and APIs from automated attacks targeting customer accounts, gift card balances and high-demand, low-supply inventory.

How Netacea tackles automated threats for eCommerce and retail

We analyze billions of requests daily for some of the biggest retailers in the world, hunting down and stopping sophisticated attacks like content scraping, scalping, credential stuffing and gift card and loyalty point abuse.

  • Stop scalper bots with agentless bot management icon

    Stop scalper bots with agentless bot management

    Level the playing field for your loyal customers by cutting off aggressive scalper bots that snatch desirable items away in a split second. Netacea Bot Management is easy to deploy and invisible to savvy attackers; ensuring your stock is always available to real customers.

  • Keep your site running smoothly by blocking fake traffic  icon

    Keep your site running smoothly by blocking fake traffic

    Bots are scraping your site directly or via your APIs to steal a competitive advantage or commit fraud with your content. Save money, time, and resources by securing your site against malicious requests.

  • Prevent APIs from being exposed to automated attacks  icon

    Prevent APIs from being exposed to automated attacks

    APIs are extremely useful for retail businesses and their partners, but they are commonly exploited by bots. Netacea will help your business understand how traffic behaves and interacts with your APIs so you can tackle automated threats.

Sophisticated bot detection and mitigation for eCommerce and retail

In 2021, 80% of eCommerce and retail websites were targeted by bot attacks, while 61% of these organizations also experienced bots attacking their mobile apps. Netacea works with retailers to curb content scraping and keep customer accounts safe. Here’s how:

Monitor all user behavior across your estate

Secure your eCommerce website, mobile app and APIs with advanced technology that detects suspicious activity such as scraping or fraudulent login attempts with a high level of accuracy, then blocks the bots responsible.

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Block bots accurately and invisibly

When website traffic is your business, the smallest shift in your false positive rate can mean the difference between profit and loss. Drill down in real-time to specific areas of your estate, such as login pages, specific APIs, hot product listings and more in our comprehensive dashboard.

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Bot experts on hand as backup

Bots are evolving fast, but we have the expertise to keep pace. Our dedicated team gives you insights into the latest developments, answers to all your burning bot questions, and the ability to fight back.

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  • Recognized by major players in the industry

    Forrester have identified Netacea’s bot management solution for its bot detection capabilities, awarding us the highest score of all our competitors.

  • Spot three times more threats than competitors 

    Netacea uses active threat database, server-side agentless technology and our in-house bot expertise to bring the most effective malicious threat detection solution available.

  • Easy to deploy, quick to integrate

    Integrate easily with your existing technologies, using our wide range of pre-built plugins and connectors, for full coverage across web, mobile and APIs.

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    of the world's top ten retailers are protected by Netacea


    of the UK's adult population has an online account protected by Netacea


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