Business Logic Intelligence Service

Infiltrate criminal networks targeting your business

Netacea’s Business Logic Intelligence Service is your secret weapon against even the most guarded threat groups, providing unique information on those posing risk to your business.

Netacea's Business Logic Intelligence Service delivers unmatched insights

Illicit forums and dark web marketplaces are so closely guarded that it’s almost impossible to know how many of your stolen user accounts, digital assets or data leaks are exposed, let alone who is responsible. Find out how Business Logic Intelligence from Netacea can help:

Track stolen accounts on the dark web

With covert access to criminal forums on the open and dark web, our researchers can quickly track whether our customers’ accounts have been stolen or cracked.

Business Logic Intelligence Service

Gather evidence against attackers

When you need to take legal action against adversaries, our insights provide valuable evidence of illegal activity and those responsible for attacks.

Business Logic Intelligence Service

Dissect and disrupt scalper bots

Our continually updated knowledge of the latest and most popular scalper bots allows us to pass on their telltale signals to our clients and improve bot detection.

Business Logic Intelligence Service

Why do businesses need Business Logic Intelligence?

  • Focus intelligence on the biggest threats to your business

    Without insider access to the most popular yet hidden criminal forums and marketplace it’s impossible to focus your defenses on your most exposed assets. By silently infiltrating criminal communities, Netacea’s Business Logic Intelligence Service uncovers this information to make your security more effective.

  • React quickly to attacks by monitoring dark web activity

    Using automated and manual investigation techniques, Netacea’s ‘red alert’ monitoring system sounds the alarm when a significant breach is posted on illicit networks, significantly cutting down response times so you can contain the breach rapidly.

  • Disrupt threat actors and fight back against attacks

    By becoming familiar with the tactics and tools used by attackers threatening your business, you can take the offensive, either by sabotaging their groups or through legal action. Criminals prefer easy targets – fight back and discourage attackers from focusing on a difficult ‘mark’.

  • Assess the effectiveness of your defenses

    Measuring the level of noise on the dark web relating to your brand is an effective way of assessing the effectiveness of your defenses over time. These statistics can even be used to quantify spend for cybersecurity at board level, as there is often a clear correlation between bot management implementation and reduced noise about attacks online.

  • Free internal teams from the burden of specialized threat intelligence

    Dedicated in-house threat intelligence with the ability to infiltrate criminal bot communities requires highly specialized skills that are prohibitively expensive to resource, with bot intelligence often lacking from generic threat research services. Netacea’s service provides this valuable resource in manageable packages to suit your needs.

Business Logic Intelligence Packages

Netacea offers fine-tuned Business Logic Intelligence packages to suit the frequency and detail your organization requires, either as a stand-alone report or to augment your Netacea Bot Management solution.

  • Tier 1: Essentials

    Essential threat research provided exclusively to all Netacea Bot Management customers.


    • Access to industry vertical trends
    • Research into attacker capabilities fed into Bot Management service
    • Contextualization of bot attacks to aid your response
    • Access to our research library of whitepapers
  • Tier 2: Annual

    Take the next step with active engagement in bot forums, collecting invaluable insights to bolster your defenses.


    Everything in Essentials, plus:

    • Annual threat report
    • Automated monitoring of bot forums and marketplaces
    • Insight into specific threat groups targeting your business
    • More detail on bot attacks against your sites, apps and APIs
    • Red alert reporting on critical threats
  • Tier 3: Quarterly

    Supercharge your threat research with active monitoring over specific groups.


    Everything in Annual, plus:

    • Quarterly threat report
    • Active engagement in bot forums and marketplaces
    • Comprehensive mapping of the threat landscape and how they change over time
    • Correlation of attacks seen by Bot Management solutions with specific groups
  • Tier 4: Monthly

    Our top level includes an expert analyst integrated into your team, plus attacker disruption opportunities.


    Everything in Quarterly, plus:

    • Monthly threat report
    • Dedicated senior threat researcher integrated with relevant teams in your organization
    • Identification of potential pressure points from which to disrupt your attackers

Bespoke Intelligence Operations Projects

As well as on-going reporting services, we can undertake bespoke Intelligence Operations to suit your needs. Potential assignments include:

  • Dismantling a specific bot
  • Disrupting a bot group or developer
  • Support for legal action against an attacker
Business Logic Intelligence Service

Enhance our Business Logic Intelligence with behavior-based threat detection

  • Active Threat Database icon

    Active Threat Database

    Stop bots before they start with Active Threat Database. All the threats we detect from the billions of requests we analyze daily for our clients are automatically blocked before they can strike.

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  • Intent Analytics™ icon

    Intent Analytics™

    Keep up with bots no matter how quickly they attack with bot detection technology. Our expertly crafted suite of machine learning algorithms sort good traffic from bad in real time.

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  • Bot Experts  icon

    Bot Experts

    The specialist insight of our bot experts empowers your team to make better defensive decisions and enables our data scientists to keep developing innovative solutions to the bot menace.

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Get Business Logic Intelligence

Fight back against bot groups stealing and selling your data

Gain valuable insights from the forums and marketplaces where criminals sell the assets they've stolen from you and your customers, with Netacea's Business Logic Intelligence Service.

  • Focused bot intelligence
  • Scalper bots disassembled
  • Attackers exposed and disrupted