Agent-based automated threat mitigation isn't good enough

Never deploy agents again, discover how our server side approach protects brands more effectively from bot attacks without the need for JavaScript and SDK agents.

  • No Code Required
  • Undetectable by Attackers
  • Easy and Fast Integration
  • Stops Attacks, Not Customers

Spend less and help cyber teams do more to fight bad bots

Blocking bots has always needed agents deployed client-side using JavaScript and mobile SDKs. Unfortunately, this approach is out-of-date and agents aren't enough to fight against sophisticated bots. Here's why:

  • Agents benefit attackers icon

    Agents benefit attackers

    Every time you deploy a new detection technique, your attackers learn more about you – stacking the odds in their favor.

  • They aren’t secure  icon

    They aren’t secure

    Dynamically generated and unvalidated JavaScript is easily exploitable and increases risk, each time you deploy agents.

  • Time-consuming to maintain icon

    Time-consuming to maintain

    Changing agents is fine for a single API, website, or mobile app, but what if you’re managing multiple agents across your entire estate?

Agentless offers a step change in threat detection

Netacea analyze's billions of interactions for user intent - helping you predict and spot threats faster. So you can rest assured that you have the best protection available to tackle the most sophisticated bot threats.


Invisible and difficult to bypass

Zero client-side code, and a server-side approach, means we remove your attacker’s ability to reverse engineer your defenses and learn about how you tackle bot threats.

More secure than agent-based approaches

Never deploy dynamically generated and unvalidated code, and instead, stop automated threats securely at a server-side level.

One solution for all attack surfaces

Our technology can be implemented across all your mobile apps, website, and APIs, so you’ll never spend time deploying agents for specific parts of your estate.

Zero agent maintenance

No agents enable security teams to focus on proactive operational improvements, which can result in millions saved in overhead costs.

  • 2.85x

    more threats detected than competitors

  • 75%

    more threats detected than in-house team

  • 2x

    more threats spotted vs specialist bot management tool

Learn how much bot attacks cost your business

Use our bot calculator to quantify how much automated attacks are costing your business in revenue and infrastructure costs.

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These enterprises benefit from agentless

  • This US-based big box retailer reduced API requests by 84%, resulting in price and content scraping being significantly reduced on a wide range of items.

  • A telecommunications provider saved over £12 million by reducing customer support calls when Netacea blocked up to 500,000 malicious login attempts per hour over the course of a year.

  • Supplementing Cloudflare CDN, Netacea helped this FinTech firm protect its 10 million customer accounts, preventing 250,000 credential stuffing attacks a week.

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