Netacea Bot Protection

The faster, simpler way to stop bot attacks at scale

Forward thinking enterprise security teams use Netacea to gain better threat visibility, stop more attacks and automate their bot management for better security across websites, apps and APIs.

Ambitious brands join us for:

  • Protection at Scale, Increased visibility, 30x better detection rates
  • Less complexity with a single integration to protect websites, apps and APIs.
  • Advanced AI that helps detect and stop attacks faster.

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  • Netacea Bot protection Ranked Number by Forrester for Bot Detection
  • Netacea Bot Protection Awarded Innovation winner by SINET 16 in 2022
  • Bot Protection Vendor Awarded Winner of G2's Easiest to do Business with Summer 2023
  • G2 Recognised high performer for bot protection
  • Bot Protection award winning by tech awards 2022
  • bot protection for payment awards winner

Why Netacea for Bot Protection

A better way to beat bad bots, a game changer for security teams

  • Agentless analysis at the edge icon

    Agentless analysis at the edge

    Broaden visibility across all of your attack surface including apIs, websites and applications while slashing management complexity.

  • AI engine icon

    AI engine

    ML powered Intent-based detection for automating the mitigation of active attacks at scale.

  • Specialist threat feeds icon

    Specialist threat feeds

    Track and triage live threats and build better long term risk strategies using granular data on sophisticated bots

Traditional bot protection is broken

Netacea equips enterprise with bot protection solutions for a new era of automated threats

Threats are evolving, attacks are relentless. Keeping pace manually drains your time and leaves your business vulnerable to attacks. Netacea bot protection software gives you the capabilities to automate your protection, remain resilient as attacks evolve and give you back precious time.


  • Limited client side detection tools
  • Slow response and detection times
  • Customer friction
  • High maintenance costs
  • Threats that bypass challenges

Experience a more effective, simpler, way for online businesses to stop the growing cost of sophisticated bots

AI-Powered Intent Detection

Use AI to identify and block bots with greater accuracy

Our server-side bot protection scrutinizes user behavior across your Websites, Apps & APIs. This data is then fed into Intent Analytics™, our machine learning engine to identify if it is a automated threat and if immediate action needs to be taken.

Like for like comparisons show Netacea identifies up to 30x more threats whilst maintaining industry leading 0.001% false positives.

Learn more about Intent Analytcs™

Frustrate Attackers Not Customers

Invisible protection thats expensive to attack

Attackers exploit what they can see. With server side protection from Netacea, your bot protection becomes invisible. Attackers wont know whats blocking them. This costs them money and effort making you an expensive target encouraging them to give up.

Discover the benefits of agentless bot protection

Active Threat Database

Block bot attacks with our always up to date anti bot playbook

Netacea users benefit from an always ready active threat database that constantly updates and adapts itself to evolving threats without the need to wait for rule changes or manual updates that leave you vulnerable to attacks.

Every time a bot attacks and then retools, Netacea adapts in real time to thwart it. Whilst updating to protect all our customers with the same anti bot intelligence. So your always up to date against the latest threats.

Learn more about Active Threat Databse

Simpler management, cuts complexity

Automate repetitive manual tasks, save more time

Signature-based tools designed to deal with bots need babysitting to be even a little bit effective. Netacea is hyper light touch to manage with no agents or signature updates required, our solution does it all for you. By automating tasks that were once manual you get better threat prevention, more time back and feel a little less exhausted dealing with bot traffic.

Discover the benefits of agentless bot protection
Bot protection that cuts operational complexity

Bot Protection Expertise

More than just a tool, we provide expertise to keep you secure

When it’s needed Netacea’s engine is augmented by an expert team of data scientists and industry leading bot threat intelligence experts. They’re there to monitor activity, analyze threats in-depth and scoop up outliers.

Discover more about our bot expertise

Seamless Integration

Protect your world with a single deployment that covers it

New tech, platforms and complex setups demand anti bot protection that covers you and your customers where you need it. Our cloud based approach allows for rapid deployment, massive scale with integrations for CDNs, load balancers and web platforms. Getting you up and running in minutes.

Read about our integration options
bot protection that integrates at the edge

Tackle automated attacks you face every day and win against:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Netacea Bot Protection - Key Information

  • Can I try Netacea Bot Protection before purchasing?

    Yes, Netacea offers a range of options for you to put us to the test vs other competitors. Typically our Bot Management customers see up to 30x better threat detection due to our patented Intent Analytics™

    See for yourself, our team can offer an inline or offline comparison so you can see first hand what threats Netacea bot protection will help you stop.

    Start an inline or offline POC with Netacea with our Free Trial options here.

  • Who is Netacea bot protection software for?

    Netacea Bot protection software is designed for small, medium and large-scale enterprises. Built to help the worlds leading digital brands detect and stop bots in real time. Our Solution is massively scalable and offers a low latency solution with a greater breadth of bot protection across your entire attack surface.

  • How does Netacea bot protection benefit your business?

    Netacea bot protection is implemented in a way that allows you to customize the criteria for blocking bots. This lets you control how aggressively your site is protected and gives you more opportunities to collect valuable information about your visitors, allowing you to make better business decisions based on accurate data instead of wild guesses. With a bespoke solution tailored to your business we ensure you secure the APIs, websites and apps you need better security on.

    Bots can be detected and blocked without compromising the user experience on your website in real-time. Fewer bots mean fewer bad requests, which in turn means less stress for your server and better performance for users. Managing bad bot traffic is a valuable way to protect your site without slowing it down, keeping you safe from unnecessary downtime and lost revenue while safeguarding your brand image online.

    Unlike other solutions Netacea doesn’t require hands on management or expensive maintenance to keep up to date. It benefits your business by using a single deployment that covers API, Web and Application bot security. So you only ever have to handle a single point of integration. Saving you time, effort and money.

  • How much does Netacea bot protection cost?

    Netacea pricing is tailored to your business as we recognise every business has different bot security needs. You can request pricing here for your business

  • What to consider when choosing a bot protection solution?

    Bot management solutions offer different benefits depending on their features and functionalities. It is important to conduct thorough research before settling on one provider over another so that you know what each offers beyond simply blocking bad bots.

    Read Netacea's Buyers Guide to Bot Management here for more information