Bot management for telecommunications

Secure your customer accounts and services against bad bots

Keep your services, and your customers’ private information, out of reach from the hoards of bad bots targeting your websites, mobile applications, and APIs, with Netacea Bot Management.

How Netacea tackles automated threats for telecommunications

Unchecked bots successfully launch account takeover attacks; reselling your bundled services on the dark web. As customers are unable to access their accounts, the support cases start to pile up, damaging your reputation. With Netacea, we’ll help your telecoms business save millions in support calls by blocking illicit bot activity.

  • Undectable, agentless bot management icon

    Undectable, agentless bot management

    Protect your customers and your partner services from account theft without giving the game away to attackers. Our agentless solution is invisible to attackers, ensuring access is only granted to genuine account holders.

  • Prevent APIs from being exposed to automated attacks  icon

    Prevent APIs from being exposed to automated attacks

    APIs are commonly exploited by bots as an often unguarded entry point to accounts. Netacea will help your business understand how traffic behaves and interacts with your APIs so you can tackle automated threats.

Sophisticated bot detection and mitigation for telecommunications businesses

The premium services bundled by many telecommunications providers are a prime target for criminals, who use credential stuffing bots to force their way into customer accounts and steal entertainment subscriptions to sell illegally. Here’s how Netacea stops the bots and keeps your customers happy:

Monitor all user behavior across your estate

Bot operators are better at hiding their activity in real traffic, therefore you must ensure you're equipped to tackle these sophisticated threats. Secure your customers with Netacea’s revolutionary Intent Analytics™ engine, and kickstart your crackdown on fraudulent login attempts via your website, mobile apps, and APIs.

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Block bots accurately and invisibly

Improve your false positive rate and detect bots with greater accuracy in the most vulnerable areas of your estate, with Netacea’s comprehensive dashboard at your fingertips.

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Bot experts on hand as backup

Keep track of the most dangerous threats and their perpetrators with a covert team of bot experts at your disposal. Netacea’s bot expert augments our technology with invaluable intelligence, keeping your defenses sharp and focused.

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  • Recognized by major players in the industry

    Forrester have identified Netacea’s bot management solution for its bot detection capabilities, awarding us the highest score of all our competitors.

  • Spot three times more threats than competitors 

    Netacea uses active threat database, server-side agentless technology and our in-house bot expertise to bring the most effective malicious threat detection solution available.

  • Easy to deploy, quick to integrate

    Integrate easily with your existing technologies, using our wide range of pre-built plugins and connectors, for full coverage across web, mobile and APIs.

Netacea in numbers


    of Europe's largest telco networks are protected by Netacea

    >1 million

    malicious requests stopped per day for a leading telco provider

    Up to 6x

    more accurate than other specialist bot solutions


    product to protect all your web, mobile and APIs


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