Published: 07/12/2021

The Bot Management Review: How Are Bots Skewing Marketing Analytics?

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Bots usually concern security professionals, but marketers are getting wiser to the damage caused by bot attacks like ad fraud to their budgets and campaign effectiveness.

The effect of bot traffic on analytics is also of increasing concern to marketers. If bots and real customers look the same, what does that mean for analytics? Are marketers making smart decisions, or are they basing their strategies on flawed data?

Netacea asked 440 businesses based in the USA and UK, across eCommerce, telecommunications, entertainment (including online gaming and streaming), travel, and financial services, to consider the effect of bots on their analytics. How does it compare to ad click fraud, a more deliberate attack with a higher profile?

Read the report for a detailed analysis of these findings, including:

  • The awareness of sophisticated, hard-to-detect bot traffic across industries
  • The impact of bots on analytics revealed by Netacea’s survey of 440 enterprises
  • Why all types of bot attacks, not just ad click fraud, should be of concern to both marketing and security teams

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