Published: 28/09/2023

Netacea Quarterly Index: Top Five Scalper Bot Targets of Q2 2023

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The Threat Research team at Netacea assesses the top targets of scalper bot operators for the second quarter of 2023, covering April through June.

The trend of botters and cook groups refocusing their attention on hyped sneaker drops continues from Q1 2023. Raffles implemented by retailers to keep bots at bay and return a fair shopping experience to fans has only served to advance the bots’ technology, with many sneaker bots advertising modules compatible with popular raffle systems.

Yeezy trainers, once a surefire entrant in the top five up until adidas cut ties with collaborator Kayne West in October 2022, make a surprise return to the Quarterly Index. This is thanks to adidas deciding to put its remaining stock on sale in a special release event in May, attracting attention from bot groups.

Read the report to learn:

  • How sneaker bot users reacted to the Yeezy release event
  • The most scalped sneakers and how much scalpers resold them for
  • Other popular scalper bot targets such as discounted items and trading cards

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