Published: 19/09/2023

Death By a Billion Bots

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While ransomware attacks and GDPR fines grab headlines and strike fear at board level, there is an underlying threat that’s no less harmful to businesses: Automated malicious threats, or more simply, bots.

For the third year running, Netacea commissioned independent researchers Coleman Parkes to survey 440 businesses with an average online revenue of $1.9bn across the travel, entertainment, ecommerce, financial services and telecoms sectors in the US and the UK.

The findings bring shocking business impacts to light:

  • The average business loses 4.3%, or $85.6m, of online revenues every year to bots (more than doubling in the past two years)
  • It takes, on average, four months to detect bot attacks, with 97% admitting it takes over a month to respond
  • 72% suffered attacks originating in China and 66% from Russia – the latter increasing 82% over two years
  • 40% of businesses report attacks on their APIs, whilst attacks on mobile apps have overtaken website attacks for the first time

Read the report for analysis from Netacea leaders and security researchers, plus academic perspectives and insights into the data.

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