Validating AI Value, Securing Supply Chains, Fake Account Creation

Thursday, December 7th, 12:00 PM GMT / 1:00 PM CET
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Validating AI Value, Securing Supply Chains, Fake Account Creation

Episode Description

Validating AI Value, Securing Supply Chains, Fake Account Creation

Netacea CISO Andrew Ash welcomes two special guests to the podcast this month to talk about AI adoption and managing third party risk: Thomas Ballin (CTO, Cytix) and Haydn Brooks (CEO, Risk Ledger).

In 2023 the AI genie is well and truly out of the bottle, gaining mainstream attention and usage across business, academia and in day-to-day life. As a result, AI has become somewhat of a buzzword used to sell solutions or make products appear smart and modern. As mutual advocates of AI to solve problems more efficiently for clients, Andrew and Thomas weigh in on how to define “real AI”, which solutions really benefit from incorporating AI, and how we can validate these claims.

Meanwhile, CISOs are rightly concerned with gaining as much control as possible over internal systems so that they can be secured against known and novel threats. But businesses are also reliant on their supply chain and third-party systems, which have their own potential vulnerabilities. Haydn has a wealth of experience in this area, and sheds light on the potential risks third party relationships expose and how CISOs can manage them whilst maintaining the value of these relationships.

Finally, threat researcher extraordinaire Cyril Noel-Tagoe explains why criminals use bots to mass create fake accounts on web services, the other attacks these accounts facilitate, and how businesses can cut off fake accounts before they do their damage.

Podcast Host

Andrew Ash

CISO , Netacea

Andy Ash has worked in IT Services and cyber for 21 years. He has been part of Netacea since its inception and is currently CISO, overseeing the operation and security of the technical platform and Netacea Threat and Bot Expert teams.

Podcast Guest

Haydn Brooks

CEO & co-founder , Risk Ledger

Originally a big four cyber risk consultant, Haydn found that current supply chain assurance programs were far from frictionless and actively caused clients and their suppliers’ headaches. This led him to found Risk Ledger, a technology platform that combines a security governance platform with a secure social network.

Thomas Ballin

CTO & co-founder , Cytix

The technical co-founder of Cytix, Thomas is focused on disrupting the UK security testing space. With a background in penetration testing, he has spent the past 10+ years building and innovating service lines to support businesses with their continuous security testing needs.

Cyril Noel-Tagoe

Principal Security Researcher , Netacea

Cyril Noel-Tagoe is an experienced information security professional and Principal Security Researcher at Netacea. He spends his time researching, speaking and writing about malicious bots and other cyber security topics.

Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Andy Ash: Hello and welcome to the Cybersecurity Sessions podcast, episode seven. My name's Andy Ash and I'm the host today, replacing Dani temporarily. I'm the CISO here at Netacea and I'm joined today on a bumper edition by three panelists. We have three topics as well today. First one being validating AI.
Second one, securing the supply chain. And then we have our attack of the month, which is all around fake account creation. So, onto our panelists today. Cyril Noel Tagoe, our resident expert.
[00:00:31] Cyril Noel-Tagoe: Hi everyone. I'm Cyril Noel Tagoe. I'm principal security researcher at Netacea. I look at public facing threat research.
[00:00:39] Andy Ash: Tom Ballin from Cytix. Tom, did you just want to introduce yourself?
[00:00:43] Thomas Ballin: Thanks for having me on. So I'm Thomas, one of the co founders at Cytix. My background goes back to the 10 years or so in the penetration testing space. I used to be a pen tester myself a few years ago, decided I

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